I have just completed reading your story . . . it is very interesting with a lot of good information. You make some very good points in your tips, particularly on having an asset based evaluation as opposed to highlighting all the deficits. Your frequent frenetic, factual executive functioning episodes are interesting. I particularly like the part on planning. This is something that I talk about a lot with clients, as it really is the key to having a smooth day.

Paula Hilborn, B.Sc.OT Reg. (Ont.)
Occupational Therapist

In this very personal journal, Steve recounts his experiences with Brain Injury following a car crash, and clearly illustrates how his life was suddenly and dramatically changed by his injury. However, it is not a story of a man who has been beaten by a fate that has dealt him a devastating blow. Like many others, Steve has picked himself up and worked to shape a post-injury life that will not be the same as the life that he might have had if the car crash hadn't occurred, but a life that will see him productive and fulfilled in new ways.

John Kumpf
Past Executive Director, OBIA

Steve's book is a unique view into the world of acquired brain injury as seen from the inside. His idea of self-directed "frequent, frenetic factual executive functioning episodes" points to the limitless opportunities to focus on recovery outside of rehab appointments. Steve has talked about this book as another step on his personal journey; hopefully it will inspire and empower other brain injury survivors as they undertake their own.

Marnie Russell
Service Coordinator
Community Head Injury Resource

"I have known Steve Gregory for a number of years with his community contributions and volunteering with the Brain Injury Association of Toronto and in the past 5 years with the Brain Injury Society of Toronto. For families and survivors this personal tale demonstrates Steve's incredible resilience, determination to succeed, commitment to rehabilitation and effective strategies which will assist people to ensure they "never give up" just as Steve never gave up. This is a powerful and meaningful personal story that will help and encourage many families and individuals to succeed despite extreme adversity and changes to their lives. Thank you for sharing your journey with us Steve and providing recommendations and strategies for success!

Colleen Boyce
Executive Director